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Cortana is coming to iOS and Android

Microsoft is bringing its virtual assistant platform Cortana to iOS and Android, after a brief launch on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Preview build.

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s chief experience officer, did confirm Cortana would be coming in November, but did not mention what platforms it would be available on.

A new report claims both of the popular mobile platforms will receive Cortana, but there is no date on when these platforms will receive the virtual assistant.

At the same time, Microsoft is working on more advanced features for Cortana, including taking over the user’s daily tasks, recommend activities, and offer traffic updates when the user steps inside a car.

All of these new features will help flesh out Cortana to be more than a voice recognition platform with some search functionality. Microsoft ideally wants Cortana to take over most of the autonomous tasks and offer detailed reminders.

Google launched Google Now - its own voice recognition platform - on iOS in 2014 through Google Search. It is not clear if Microsoft will launch a standalone app, or will embed Cortana within Bing Search.

For Android, the only voice recognition platform is Google Now, and it sits a left-swipe from the home page. This will make it hard for Cortana to compete, unless Microsoft is able to remove Google Now’s functionality and replace it with Cortana, otherwise the product is inferior to Google Now due to lack of integration.

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