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Data Centre World: Socomec’s Diris Digiware promises accurate energy management

Socomec has unveiled a “ground breaking” digital multi-circuit energy monitoring system, promising to optimise data centre efficiency.

The integrated power solutions firm presented Diris Digiware at this year’s Data Centre World event being held in London.

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Alex Metcalfe, Socomec’s UK sales manager explained how the firm would convince the assembled industry experts of the importance of its new solution.

“We will be answering some of the industry’s toughest questions concerning energy data accuracy and debating the constraints within every level of new and existing Data Centres,” he said. “We will also explore what is at stake when talking about energy management within a Data Centre. We will be demonstrating just how easy it is to retrofit Socomec’s latest modular and scalable innovation – with film footage showing the installation of 38 metres in just 8 hours – with no costly downtime. Furthermore, the solution is self-financing - the potential energy savings and low cost of installation can deliver payback within just 6 months.”

By monitoring several circuits with a single current measurement model, Diris Digiware offers businesses more flexibility when it comes to data centre installation. It also promises installs that are up to four times faster, and easily scalable. In fact, Digiware is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

An optional touch-screen display can also be incorporated into the system to provide information directly to energy management software via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

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Socomec will be hoping that Diris Digiware proves just as effective as its original Diris system, which 20 years ago led the way as the first multi-measurement data centre solution.

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