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Google now offering info on in-flight features before booking

The introduction of WiFi on planes is one of the best moves to cure the boredom of a long flight, and Google is making it even easier to make sure your plane has WiFi on-board.


The new Google Flight Search Portal will give all the necessary information including amount of legroom, in-flight entertainment, power sockets and WiFi. Google is partnering with Routehappy to offer this information.

Even though the rollout of WiFi on planes has been slow, several large airlines are implementing the service inside some of the planes.

Google does not say if the WiFi is free on-board or if customers have to pay an additional fee to get onto the network. The latter is most likely on most flights, since there is normally a charge for in-flight entertainment nowadays.

Routehappy, the company providing the information, has already partnered with several groups including Expedia and Virgin Atlantic and should have more partnerships now that Google is on board.

It is part of Google’s attempt to control the flight experience from start to finish, letting you find the flights through Google search, pay for the flights with Google Wallet and board the flight with Android Wear or Google Now.

Apple is also trying to be involved in the last part, since it doesn’t offer a search engine to check flights. It will allow users to scan through United Airlines and a few other airlines with the Passbook app on the Apple Watch or iPhone.