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iCukoo app donates to Red Nose Day every time you hit the snooze button

“Kip for cash” is a new way to get involved with Comic Relief, allowing iOS and Android owners to send a small amount to the Red Nose Day fund every time they press snooze on the alarm clock.

iCukoo - developed by Chelsea Apps Factory - offers a new version of the app that lets you send between 10p and £1 to Red Nose Day every time you press the snooze button.

Users can set up the amount of time and price per snooze, and the money is automatically sent to the fund. It is one of the many ways the BBC and other groups are trying to get people involved in Red Nose Day.

“There are lots of ways to get involved this Red Nose Day and now you can do your bit by doing nothing more than having a quick snooze,” said Anne-Cecile Berthier, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Comic Relief. “It means everyone can help make a difference.”

Most of the funding goes to small initiatives like £2.50 for a dementia sufferer in the UK to attend weekly meetings, or £2 for someone in Uganda to own a mosquito net.

Red Nose Day has made over £950 million since the beginning in 1999. In 2013, it raised £100 million for charity, £4 million less than in 2011. The BBC and Comic Relief is hoping to surpass the 2011 record this year with new incentives like iCukoo.

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