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Jadu software switch offers potentially massive savings for local governments

A number of local government organisations now have the potential to save up to £1.2m annually after a software provider made the decision to switch to continuous delivery.

Government and higher education software supplier Jadu (opens in new tab) has a number of local authorities in its client base that will no longer have to pay for updates to its Universe Platform (opens in new tab).

Among those which have moved to the new Jadu Universe Continuum Platform that supports continuous delivery is Coventry City Council (opens in new tab).

Coventry implemented the iterative platform alongside a redesign of its corporate website as part of its strategic focus on the digital customer experience and wider transformation programme.

“The web should be the channel of choice for Coventry City Council and needs to underpin everything we do,” claimed Martin Reeves, chief executive at the local authority.

“Our priorities are to the people we serve and it’s essential that we focus on the channels and devices they choose,” Reeves added.

Jadu Universe Continuum Platform has allowed Coventry to update its website so that it works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

DCLG Support

Jadu’s decision to update the release cycle for the Platform allowing it to implement upgrades within weeks rather than years has been supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG (opens in new tab)).

“This is really exciting news. At our Local Digital Trends event Jadu and other suppliers supporting the programme were very keen to do more to help local government meet a challenging future by using digital more effectively,” claimed Julian Bowrey, deputy director corporate and digital communications at DCLG.

“I am delighted to see Jadu showing such great leadership, helping to move local government on faster and further.

“I will be interested to see whether other suppliers pick up the gauntlet that Jadu has thrown down,” Bowrey added.

According to Jadu, switching to continuous delivery saves money for users by reducing the overall cost of upgrades by up to 70 per cent - or, up to £1.2m a year.

“In the last 12 months, Jadu has made substantial changes to our business and our culture to ensure we were meeting the needs of our customers,” claimed the firms CEO Suraj Kika.

“Through continuous delivery, we can now keep customers like Coventry City Council up to date with the latest feature releases measured in days instead of years.

“We’ve seen the last of big bang upgrades to our platform and our customers have welcomed the move. We would like to see larger IT firms in the second doing the same,” Kika added.