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President Obama talks tweeting and smartphones

You know that text message you got from Barack Obama last night? I'm sorry to break it to you, but it wasn't from him.

As a matter of fact, the US president doesn't text, rarely tweets himself, and isn't allowed to have a smartphone or any of the 'new-fangled stuff', for security reasons.

That's what he said while being interviewed on the ABC program "Jimmy Kimmel Live (opens in new tab)“:

"I do not physically tweet in general," said the American president. "I don't text. I email. I still have a Blackberry," he added.

The president also said that his teenage daughters have smartphones and text their friends, but he’s not allowed to, for security reasons.

"I can't use phones with recorders in them. So a lot of the new-fangled stuff, for security reasons, I don't get," he said.

He also said he warns his daughters about the dangers of posting things online. “They all have their smartphones, and they’re texting with their friends. They’re doing all the stuff that teenagers are doing. Michelle and I try to emphasise to them that they don’t want to be on TMZ”.

Host Jimmy Kimmel also asked Obama if he could give him Hillary Clinton’s new email address, in response to the recent controversy in which it was discovered that the former secretary of state used her private email address for work.

"I can't share it with you. I don't think she'd want you to have it, frankly," Obama said.

The interview about tweeting and smartphones can be seen in the video above.

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