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Three more Apple Watch models expected this year

Apple launched three versions of the Apple Watch earlier this week, the Watch Sport, the Watch, and the Watch Edition, but three new versions could be coming later this year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple is working on one to three new versions, including a ceramic and titanium option. There has been rumors Apple will launch a platinum option as well, costing more than the 18-karat gold watch.

All three of these options seem to be for the more adventurous and rich type, although the ceramic option might come in under £1,000. Titanium is not a hugely expensive metal, but in the context of a smartwatch it could be worth thousands.

Apple is clearly bought into the idea that the smartwatch needs to be all about design, and less about the features. That say it can sell the same experience in an 18-karat gold package for £13,000 more than the original.

The Watch Sport looks to always be the entry level, for those not willing to spend thousands on a smartwatch. It will start in the UK for £299 on April 24.

Other smartwatch makers have been throwing their punches at Apple, before the launch of the Apple Watch next month. Pebble has been showing some of the features on its own watch that the Apple Watch does not offer, and there has been plenty of mockery towards the gold option.

Whether that will stop the smartwatch from becoming the most popular on the market is yet to be seen, although Apple’s brand alone could sell more smartwatches than Pebble, Motorola and other smartwatch makers.