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Vodafone offers free LG G Watch R with G Flex 2 phone

Were you thinking of bagging yourself a new LG G Flex 2 curved smartphone? Then the good news is the device is now up for grabs at Vodafone – and it’s bundled with a free LG G Watch R, if you sign up for a monthly contract on Red 4G.

That’s a nifty idea, certainly for those who were thinking of finally taking the smartwatch plunge as well as getting a new phone, though while the watch is a freebie, the cost of the actual G Flex 2 plans are pretty expensive (even with 3G).

Indeed, the 4G tariffs start from £39.50 per month (with £19 upfront for the hardware), and that gets you unlimited minutes and texts, plus 4GB of 4G data. Chuck an extra fiver (per month) in the pot and you’ll get a plan with 7GB of data.

The cheapest plan overall (which is just 3G, and so doesn’t offer the freebie G Watch R) is £36.50 per month, but mystifyingly the upfront price leaps to £399, and you only get 100 minutes and 100MB – so only a fool is going to pick that to save £3 per month (£72 overall).

The G Flex 2 is available in black with delivery taking two to four days. The handset boasts a 5.5in full HD display, and is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 810, plus it has bonuses like a fast charge feature which will top the battery up to 50 per cent in thirty minutes.