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Anonymous sets the #OpISIS record straight in latest video message

Hacktivist network Anonymous has been taking down ISIS related sites (opens in new tab) and Twitter accounts in a bid to prevent the terrorist organisation from spreading its message online. Anonymous has declared ISIS a virus, and itself the cure.

However, cyber blog Krypt31a has described Anonymous's recent actions as Whack-a-mole without a plan (opens in new tab), spurring a representative of the hacktivist group to issue a video reply setting the record straight.

Anonymous states that #OpISIS isn’t in fact a continuation of the earlier #OpCharlieHebdo, as some have said, but has its roots in something entirely different and with a different motivation.

Although partway through the video things go off on a tangent and there’s rambling talk of Chinese proverbs and traditions, eventually the purpose of #OpISIS is revealed:

"It is perhaps for this reason, and this reason alone, that it is important to set the record straight as to what exactly it was that sparked off #OpISIS, so that those who think, or claim that they are in the know - when in fact they know nothing - can perhaps be enlightened with regard to what makes Anonymous - and certain moral factions in particular - think.

In other words, Anonymous owns the internet, and if it doesn't agree with your actions, it will come for you.

Photo credit: Vincent Diamante