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Anonymous links 9,200 Twitter accounts to terrorist organisation Islamic State

A co-op effort between Anonymous, GhostSec and CntlSec has resulted in 9,200 Twitter accounts being linked to the terrorist organisation Islamic State, all blatantly promoting the material and spreading the propaganda through the micro-blogging service.

It is one of the first times the three loosely tied hacking groups have come together, under the #OpISIS to rid of the West of Islamic State propaganda.

The push by Anonymous follows a series of people from Europe and the US moving to Syria, Iraq and other Islamic State base-states, where they join the terrorist organisation.

Most accounts appear to still be active, showing a reluctance by Twitter to remove this harmful material. Twitter has removed this type of material in the past, but might be a bit slow when it comes to en-masse removal.

The Islamic State use a whole range of tools to spread propaganda, including launching its own ‘Caliphate Book’, which was closed down a few days later after members warned the social network was not safe from US surveillance.

Twitter does not block IP, meaning that even if it blocks all 9,200 accounts, another thousand could spring up by the time all are blocked. Islamic State has been using quite a lot of accounts simply to retweet and act as bots for the main accounts.

Twitter did announce it would be stamping down on hate speech and revenge porn, hopefully terrorist activity is also on the list.

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