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Apple Watch is grabbing all the media attention

Over the past week, we’ve all seen that Apple has been hitting the headlines consistently with news stories regarding the Apple Watch (we’ve written a fair few ourselves, of course).

This followed the company’s official launch event for the smartwatch, which happened a week ago today, revealing a bit more information about the device – though disappointingly, not a huge deal more than the first unveiling last autumn.

Though the juicy details of the official price were revealed, which was the reason for many of the headlines – particularly in the case of the extortionate gold Watch Edition which weighs in at no less than £8,000, more expensive than even the rumour mongers thought.

Anyway, if you want to know exactly how much the Apple Watch has been mentioned by the press of late, Marketwatch spotted this handy graph compiled using data from SIX Financial Information and Factiva.

It shows that back at the start of last December, the Apple Watch and rival Samsung Gear were about even in terms of media mentions, both at around the 100 million mark.

However, during February that gap widened with Apple’s device taking off in terms of mentions, and then accelerating massively this month with the official launch event we’ve just been talking about.

Indeed, the week before the March 9 Apple Watch press event, mentions shot up, and continued to skyrocket through last week, reaching 140 million mentions on March 13. The Samsung Gear range, meanwhile, has stayed pretty much flat and only reached 102 million mentions in this timeframe.

Whether the Apple Watch interest and hype can translate into sales come next month, we’ll have to wait and see – but a recent survey over in the US has indicated that seven in ten Americans aren’t the slightest bit interested in Apple’s new creation.

One survey (of just over a thousand) does not a conclusion make, though, and as we’ve said before, only a fool would write off Apple prematurely. However, we’re still not convinced the Apple Watch has what it takes to spark off the smartwatch market big style, as many analysts seem convinced.

Darren Allan

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