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BlackBerry, IBM and Samsung join forces on new Secutablet

BlackBerry, IBM and Samsung have all partnered to create a new enterprise tablet, named the Secutablet, in cooperation with BlackBerry’s subsidiary Secusmart.

The tablet is focused on the business sector, taking the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and fitting a ton of new software inside to make it accessible for business and government bodies.

Secusmart’s encryption allows all phone calls, text messages and other activities to be private from any surveillance technology implanted on the device, or stolen through the airwaves.

IBM is adding its own software partition on the Secutablet, meaning if the user downloads a malicious app from the Google Play store, it will not affect apps inside the secure part of the device.

This secure partition can also not be looked at by apps like Facebook, Twitter and other services seeking new information for advertising purposes. This should make the Secutablet an excellent option for CYOD (choose-your-own-device) work programs.

It is not the first time BlackBerry has partnered with Samsung on a project. The two companies worked on Samsung’s KNOX security platform last year and Samsung pre-loaded BlackBerry Messenger on all Galaxy devices in Africa.

There were reports Samsung was eyeing up a potential acquisition of BlackBerry, but the two companies did not manage to strike a deal. This new partnership shows BlackBerry lack of interest in building a new PlayBook tablet, instead borrowing Samsung’s device.

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