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.com celebrates 30 years of existence

Yesterday marked 30 years since the first Internet domain, was registered.

Knowing the power and importance the Internet has today, it's hard to imagine that it has only been 30 years since its conception .

Still, in honour of .com’s 30th birthday, has gone through the Internet history books to check up on the whereabouts and status of the first 100 .com domains., registered by the now defunct Symbolics Computer Corporation, became the first (and remains the oldest) domain name out of approximately 275,000,000 domain names in existence. Now owned by a small investor group in Dallas, Texas, is home to a site that claims to offer 'unique and interesting facts pertaining to business and history'.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, tech and computing companies make up nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) of the first 100 dot com domains ever registered. In more surprising news, companies considered to be part of the manufacturing industry account for 15 per cent of the first 100, ahead of the IT sector, which has eight and therefore eight per cent of the first 100 dot com domains.

Of the first 100 domains, 52 per cent are still active and serve the same companies and in the same guise, as they did 30 years ago. Just under a quarter (24) are now dead links, with the third oldest domain "" arguably the most unexpected dead link.

A further 24 domains are still active but re-direct to another site, and 18 of these domains are no longer registered to the original registrar and direct to another company entirely, while six other sites redirect to a site still owned by the company that registered the initial domain 30 years ago.