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Recruiter sends a sexist email, claims it was a stunt

Here's a protip: If you want to be successful at anything you do (literally anything) treat all people with respect, until they deserve to be treated differently.

That is unless, of course, you want to be successful at being a jackass.

That’s a very good lesson a tech recruiter based in San Francisco named Justin D’Agostino learned the hard way – after an email he sent to software engineer Kelly Ellis.

The email, full of statements like “men are wired to approach you as an egg-donor first”, and “men are more reliable in the long term” because they “won’t get pregnant or marry a partner more wealthier then they are and quit”, outraged Ellis, who turned to Twitter to vent her shock and frustration.


Unfortunately for D’Agostino, the email (which she screenshotted and posted online) attracted the internet’s reaction, and after Ellis verified over LinkedIn and Google+ that it wasn't some imposter pretending to be D’Agostino, he asked her to post a link to his article on Medium.

The article is apparently, anti-sexist (I couldn't find it to independently confirm), but Ellis refused to “give him more of a platform”, and deleted her tweets mentioning his Twitter.

D’Agostino ended up trying to befriend Ellis, saying everything he wrote was “intentional bullsh*t” designed to get her attention.

Well, he certainly got the internet’s reaction, and even if it was all a troll, it’s hard to see how anyone would believe him now.

The entire story can be found on this Storify link.