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Apple plans to kick off major subscription TV service this autumn

Apple is getting ready to launch its own subscription TV service later this year, according to the latest gossip (and it’s not the first time we’ve heard this, either).

Of course, Apple hasn’t said anything officially and is remaining schtum when it comes to requests for comments, but a reputable publication, the Wall Street Journal (via C-Net), has sources saying that Cupertino is talking to TV companies with a view to starting up a web-based subscription TV service which will kick off as soon as this autumn.

It would be a major effort boasting shows from 25 channels in the US, and would focus on getting the big name networks like ABC, CBS and Fox on board – and this service would come to the Apple TV, as well as iOS devices.

The price of the offering isn’t clear yet, of course – Apple probably doesn’t even know itself – but the speculation pegs it at around $30 to $40 (£20 to £27) per month, so not cheap then. But then, enlisting all the major network players won’t be cheap for Apple either…

As you might have seen last week, Apple has apparently already taken the initial steps in this direction, with HBO Now, the network’s (which boasts Game of Thrones among its programming) new streaming service, being exclusively signed up to iPhone and iPad, along with Apple TV, first.

We may well expect the Apple TV subscription offering to boast exclusive content to attempt to lure viewers over, too.

Tim Cook and company are certainly pushing harder to get into living rooms around the globe, with the Apple TV box recently seeing a reduction in price to £59 in the UK (it wasn’t that long ago that it was close to double that), and $69 in the US.

Apple is expected to reveal its new TV service this summer.

Darren Allan

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