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B55 Connected is Breitling's simple take on a smartwatch

Switzerland-based watch maker Breitling has made a move to catch up with the wearables trend with the launch of its first smartwatch, the B55 Connected.

The B55 carries a familiar rubberised band from its smartwatch contemporaries. However, apart from that similarity, Breitling’s flagship smartwatch is simpler than others in terms of the interface and features.

The B55, which moved away from voluminous apps and does not offer a touch screen functionality, is closer to an enhanced watch than a typical smartwatch. In fact, Breitling tags the new watch simply as a “connected chronograph”

Instead of offering tons of apps, Breitling provided controls through a proprietary smartphone app, which users can connect to via Bluetooth. The matching app allows users to set or adjust the time, date and alarm, and add two daily reminders. The features, however, do not go more than that compared to the other smartwatches of today that allow you to read messages or make calls.

With the B55, Breitling simply intends to make a more user-friendly interface, while still keeping the most basic features of a chronograph.

The move of the Swiss-based firm to provide a smartwatch offering, was not so much about competing against the other players in the market, but more of providing its loyal customers with the option for a smartwatch.