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How safe do you feel? Anonymous accuses Facebook of siding with ISIS

Facebook has just updated - or rather clarified its Community Standards document (opens in new tab), which outlines the type of content that is not allowed on the social network. Among the list of banned topics is, as you might expect, terrorism.

Anonymous has been battling terrorism online for a while now, taking down Islamic State related sites and Twitter accounts (opens in new tab) via its #OpISIS campaign. The aim of this operation is to prevent the terrorist organisation from spreading its message online, but now Facebook has taken steps to prevent Anonymous from spreading its own message on the social network.

To encourage hackers to join in the fight against Islamic State, and also report on its progress, the hacktivist network created a Facebook page - - which managed to accrue over 30,000 followers.

But then, as Anonymous reports in a new video, Facebook suddenly took down the page without warning, and without giving the creators a reason. The page didn't even violate Facebook's policies, according to the collective.

"We asked Facebook to give us a reason why they deleted our group - is it because we're promoting the online war against ISIS, or [because] some government asked them to do so? We thought Facebook is all about freedom of speech, but we were wrong.

"Facebook has proven to take sides with ISIS, directly or indirectly. Governments and Facebook you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to stop us and what we're doing," the video states.