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Microsoft launches Azure Internet of Things Suite

Microsoft has launched a new Azure Internet of Things suite, developed to help businesses transition into a world of cloud-based technologies and connected devices to almost every part of the business process.

It is all about offering high-end data analysis and collection, allowing businesses to do more with the data available and make quick-time decisions, based on the different amounts of data from all over the world.

The Internet of Things opens up a new world of connected devices, bringing paper records, gas supply, drilling speed, customer service and oil drivers all onto the Azure IoT suite.

This plethora of information might be a lot of a business to take in, but once employees get savvy with the information it could lead to huge growth in efficiency for the organisation.

Microsoft is keen to explore that opportunity, already partnering with prominent oil and gas company Rockwell Automation to bring Azure IoT to the workplace.

Even though smart home devices are an interesting part of IoT, the real money is making almost everything in the workplace connected, and data analysts being able to go through the entire operation to ensure utmost efficiency.

This sort of analysis will become prominent - especially in large companies - as we transition from a paper and static industry to an industry where every single thing is connected to the database, all spewing out information, numbers and times.

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