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SoftWatch offers an easy transition to cloud office tools for SMBs

For businesses moving to a cloud-based office solution the biggest problem can be understanding and controlling the licensing costs involved.

Cloud transition specialist SoftWatch (opens in new tab) has a solution for this in the form of its analytics tool which provides in-depth information on how businesses are actually using desktop-based and web based applications as well as cloud storage and web conferencing.

It offers solutions for business moving to Google Apps and to Office 365. For SMBs that are moving to the Google Apps for Work suite of services, SoftWatch has an OptimizeIT Google solution to enable informed decisions based on actual usage information, manage the transition from MS Office to Google Apps and optimise their license spending.

For those that are moving to the Office 365 suite, SoftWatch offers SaaS solutions which include CloudIT 365 to enable the transition to Office 365 and help in selecting the best Microsoft price plan.

"We are very pleased to introduce our analytics solution to the SMB market segment and make it easy for them to purchase and start using our software right from our website," says Uri Arad, co-CEO of SoftWatch.

"Our SoftWatch Benchmark now has 400,000 users and it is consistently showing that companies are overspending on MS licenses and can save substantially by transitioning to cloud-based alternatives. We believe that our solutions can help smaller companies to better manage their software assets and optimise their IT spending".

SoftWatch has previously been available to enterprise customers though Office 365 and Google Apps resellers, but it's now being opened up to businesses with fewer than 500 end users via the company's website (opens in new tab). The site also offers the chance to sign up for a free trial before purchasing.

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