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Dropbox adds badges and comments in latest update

Dropbox is making a move against Google Docs and Office, launching badges and comments for ease-of-use and clarity on collaboration projects.

The acquisition of several cloud productivity teams has shown Dropbox’s intent on stealing some of Microsoft and Google’s thunder, by offering a platform for businesses and collaborators to work together, without leaving the cloud suite.

Badges were first hinted in December with leaked photos showing the existence, allowing users to see when someone is viewing or editing a document.

In the future, Dropbox could use badges to show what parts of a document or photo were edited, similar to Word and Docs ‘revision history’ section.

Users will be able to share the most recent version of the document, using a new share link tool also available in the Dropbox update.

Comments are another new feature coming to Dropbox, allowing collaborators to comment on a certain document and highlight the part. There is currently no chat room for collaborators to have back and forth real-time conversation.

The comments will only be available to people in the early access program on desktop or iOS. Users will be able to message individual contributors through the ‘@’ followed by an email address. This will send a notification to the contributor through email and phone (if set up).