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Google Chromecast now works with TV remote control

The Chromecast is the most popular internet TV stick available, but currently has a lack of control over the media being streamed to the TV.

This is all set to change with the new update to the Chromecast, 27946 Firmware. The new update will allow users to control playback with TV remotes, instead of having to use the controls on the web player.

It works through HDMI-CEC commands, allowing TV peripherals to be controlled by a third-party source. On some TVs, it allows the TV remote to work with a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Google has been supporting HDMI-CEC for a long time, previously used as a way to automatically send the TV to the right channel once the Chromecast went active.

iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go and AllCast should all support the HDMI-CEC commands, but it might take a bit of time for non-standard video formats to support the new function.

Google has only made one hardware adjustment to the Chromecast since its launch two years ago, adding 5GHz WiFi standard and more on-board memory. Most of the firmware updates have been done through software, to keep most of the user’s updated instead of buying another Chromecast.

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