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Huawei and Wolfsburg strike a deal, the stadium gets Wi-Fi

Fans of the Bundesliga football club Wolfsburg will soon be able to record and upload their team scoring goals directly from the stadium, thanks to a new agreement between the club and Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

VfL Wolfsburg, a football club from the city with the same name, is getting Wi-Fi access for its stadium, the Wolfsburg’s Volkswagen Arena, as part of the new deal.

The technical partnership, was announced on Wednesdayat CeBIT, one of the world’s top ICT events, held in Hannover, Germany.

Huawei will provide a range of best-in-class Wi-Fi access services for Wolfsburg’s Volkswagen Arena with its leading Agile Stadium Solution.

“Wolfsburg is a vibrant football team and one of the strongest competitors for the Bundesliga championship. There are many fans of Wolfsburg in China. We are pleased and honoured to cooperate with Wolfsburg,” said Joerg Karpinski. “Huawei’s Agile Stadium Solution allows fans inside the stadium to access the Wi-Fi network anytime, anywhere, significantly enhancing their game watching experience. This solution can also help the stadium operator to increase its revenue.”

“Huawei is a leading global ICT company that boasts innovative technologies and top notch products. We are convinced that our technological cooperation with Huawei will be successful and productive,” said Thomas Röttgermann, Managing Director for VfL Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg is currently sitting in second spot in the German Bundesliga with 53 points out of 25 games played, and has almost secured its spot in the next season’s Champions League.