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Uber hits more obstacles with arrests and office raids

Chauffeur service app Uber faces yet another set of obstacles to its operations after coming under siege in two different countries.

In Seoul, South Korea, the police have arrested two Uber executives and charged the company’s executives and staff, including drivers, for allegedly breaking the nation's transport laws.

It’s not yet clear as to what charges Uber’s staff are bound to face, but on top of that, claims that the car service firm failed to register its app with South Korea's wireless regulator are also being probed.

The police’s attack on Uber today is just the latest of many attacks against the company in South Korea. In the past, Seoul has declared Uber illegal and even issued a warrant of arrest for company CEO Travis Kalanick.

Meanwhile, in Paris, France, 25 policemen have raided Uber’s office, seizing documents and drivers’ smartphones, for its alleged non-compliance over its operation of UberPop in the city.

The operation of Chauffeur services like Uber are allowed in France as long as the drivers have the necessary license and insurance. However, in January 2015, the French government ruled to specifically ban the peer-to-peer ride-sharing service of Uber, claiming that such service is dangerous for the consumers.

Uber executive in France said that the law enforcers’ recent move is “a disproportionate attempt to intimidate (the company)."