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Activity & Mood Diary takes a new look at mobile healthcare

Activity & Mood Diary is a new take on mobile healthcare, moving away from the common health tracking into a personal diary, where the user is able to take notes, track health and set goals for improvement.

The dairy is a more personal way to allow not just health problems to be addressed, but things like social and mental issues. Ginsberg, the team working on the Activity & Mood Diary, claim to have worked with the leading psychologists and psychiatrists on the app.

Ginsberg has connected the diary with various fitness trackers, including FitBit, Jawbone, Withings, Runkeeper, Starva and others. Even with this third-party integration, it claims all information added to the diary will be protected.

On the subject of privacy, Ginsberg is confident that hackers will not be able to see any data, and it will not be shared without the user’s permission to third parties.

The diary is part of the HealthKit and ResearchKit software framework set-up by Apple, allowing health apps and organisations to use information from a patients iPhone to offer diagnostics.

“ResearchKit enables ‘citizen science’ and points towards a broader trend of individuals taking ownership of their personal data,” Kate Ho, Ginsberg’s Product Manager, said.

“People can choose to make use of their personal health data to improve their own well-being or 'donate' it so that it can be used in scientific research. Ginsberg supports this trend of personal dataset creation for mental health, empowering individuals to use their data as they see fit."

Ginsberg is also committed to working with Internet of Things products, claiming having new sensor modules to take health and fitness information from is critical to gain a better understanding of the user.