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Budget 2015: George Osborne praises job market growth since 2010

UK Chancellor George Osborne touted major unemployment growth since the Conservatives took office in 2010, stating that 1000 jobs were created every day for the past five years.

That doesn’t mean 1.9 million more people are in employment than before, considering the growth in population and the fact redundancies and loss of jobs are not accounted for, but it is still quite an excellent figure.

Osborne claims more people are in employment than the previous record set in 1975, with unemployment dropping from a near 10 per cent to just over 5 per cent in five years.

Investments in apprenticeships and new industries has given the UK a strong employment push in the last five years, but it has not been all peachy. Several public sectors have lost record amounts of work, as the Conservatives push for more privatisation of the NHS and other public sectors.

In reference to the argument all of the jobs are in London, Osborne claimed the fastest growing region was actually the North West, and the county of Yorkshire has created more jobs than the whole of France during the Conservatives five year run.

These numbers show the economy is starting to stabilise and the Conservatives are pushing a few rewards for the UK citizens, burned by the 2010 adjustments to tax and social services, but did not agree to any changes in tuition fees.

The Conservatives are preparing to fight for another five years in Parliament, but there is a worry that with the economy recovering and a lack of strong policy regarding the European Union and foreign relations, the country might boot them out for UKIP or Labour, seeing their own convictions to social issues currently in the limelight.