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Google Maps makes a virtual vacation possible

The Google Maps team seems to always be on the move, one location to the next, in an attempt to capture images of the world around us. Just yesterday the trekkers were in South America bringing us images of the little-seen islands (opens in new tab) off the coast of Brazil. Now the team is in India, not for the first time, to show off the nation's treasures.

We've already seen the Taj Mahal (opens in new tab), but now you will get a glimpse of the many other wonders that exist in the nation. Google claims that "we’ve partnered with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and other institutions to bring a comprehensive range of India’s heritage sites online, including national icons like the Taj Mahal, Safdarjung Tomb, and the Ellora Caves".

You can start your journey at the Gateway of India (opens in new tab), head for the Sun Temple (one of the seven wonders) then slip over to Mysore Palace and visit many other locations on your 'trip'. According to the search giant there are "31 sites we’ve brought onto Google Maps and the Google Cultural Institute today by working with the ASI, as well as the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Karnataka Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage, Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation".

Kick back and enjoy your virtual vacation to one of the world's most scenic vistas and all of the historic treasures it contains. And you don't even need to pay for hotel and airfare.