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Huawei forging new partnerships during CeBit

Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei obviously has big plans for Europe, and during this year’s CeBit has shown just how serious it is, by forging new partnerships everywhere.

As PC World reports, Huawei has signed a partnership with both SAP and Deutsche Telekom during CeBit, as well as the US software-defined storage specialist DataCore.

Under partnership with SAP, it will host SAP engineers at its headquarters, and send some of its own researchers to work with SAP.

“SAP is our global strategy partner,” said Yan.

Germany’s biggest network operator sees the partnership as a way to reduce other vendors’ hold over it.

“Deutsche Telekom is reinforcing its vendor independence,” the company said, announcing that its IT services subsidiary T-Systems will build cloud services for SMEs on Huawei servers.

And together with DataCore they launched a new range of certified hyperconverged systems based on Huawei’s FusionServer range and DataCore’s SANsymphony software.

As a cherry on top of the big partnership cake, last week Huawei opened a new centre for fundamental research in Paris.

Even though a tenth of the company’s revenue comes from enterprise products, Huawei has bigger ambitions for mobile phones or carrier networking equipment.

“IT drives the transformation of the traditional industries, so this is a big opportunity for us,” said Yan Lida, president of Huawei’s enterprise business group.

It will, however, stick to hardware, while the competition is slowly phasing it out. IBM has switched its focus on software, HP is doing a similar thing as well, but Huawei stays true to hardware:

“In this market, there is still a need for at least one hardware vendor,” Yan said.