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Is Tag Heuer opening Pandora's Box of cyber security?

In response to the news that Tag Heuer has launched an Andorid Wear-powered smart watch, Keith Poyser, General Manager EMEA, Accellion comments:

"Tag Heuer is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious, high-end watchmakers in the world, but is the wearable space really something they are ready to enter?

"UK businesses have barely come to terms with the words 'Bring Your Own Device’, and many still haven’t figured out their mobile strategy in order to deal with this. So is Tag Heuer opening the Pandora’s Box of cyber security with this launch?

"Employees may not be wearing these devices in the workplace immediately, but enterprises need to wake up to the security threats posed when they do, as their workforce will not refrain from accessing confidential work-related information from these devices.

"If business do not invest in secure mobile-first solutions soon they will find themselves vulnerable to an attack they hadn’t seen coming."