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Zayo gets the green light from Interxion

As part of its strategic investment into Europe Zayo has forged a partnership with Interxion (opens in new tab) and lit up the Interxion data centre in Ireland. This will enable customers to take advantage of the Zayo network that now has pops in several UK cities as well as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris as well as cities in 45 states in the United States. The Zayo network currently supports bandwidth of up 100Gbps.

Zayo may be a company that is unfamiliar to many but its rise has been almost meteoric. Founded in 2007 with private equity it went through several rounds of funding to support a rapid expansion through acquisition until it listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE:ZAYO) in October 2014, its shares have since risen from $22.60 (£15.31) to $27.11 (£18.37.) By July 2014 it had acquired 32 companies and does not appear to have slowed that down much with its most recent acquisition Latisys being completed this year.

Zayo’s network spreads across eight countries and covers more than 82000 route miles. Strongest in the United States its recent strategy appears to be expansion into Europe with metro rings in London and Paris following the acquisitions of Neo Telecoms and AboveNet. The Zayo network in the UK also extends to Manchester, Slough and Docklands.

One of the major points of difference for Zayo is its online ordering portal Tranzact which allows customers to commission links between Dublin and several public cloud services including AWS and Google. Using Tranzact, customers are able to create hybrid cloud architectures to support their IT requirements simply.

Tanya Duncan, MD of Interxion Ireland commenting on the announcement said “Providing access to the best connectivity possible is vital for our customer communities and we look forward to having 100G connectivity to Zayo’s international network in our Dublin site.”

Alastair Kane, European vice president for Zayo added,”This agreement will enable us to provide services to a wider customer base and continue to support the mission critical services our customers demand.

"Through our recent network expansion we are able to support Interxion’s customers in gaining the maximum benefit from public cloud services and connections to hundreds of locations globally. Based on Interxion’s real time responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to understand our long term plans, we look forward to working together to provide customers with comprehensive services to support business needs.”

In connecting to Interxion, Zayo has opened up a larger market to both its US client looking to expand and its reach into the UK market. When the merger of Interxion and Telecity completes this will add another set of opportunities for Zayo. It will be interesting to see whether any further acquisitions are expansions are planned within Europe.