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LG to produce the Nexus smartphone for 2015?

When it comes to the next Nexus smartphone, it would seem that Google might have picked LG as the handset vendor which will take care of manufacturing duties.

This is according to the latest speculation on the matter, as spotted by G for Games, which noticed a report in the Korean media. The report stated that back on Monday, engineers from Google had visited LG’s headquarters and been given a tour – and those engineers are also going to be visiting other LG facilities, including LG Innotek and LG Display.

And the source of this thinks that all this is part of discussions between Google and the smartphone maker which could lead to an agreement being made for LG to make this year’s Nexus phone.

Motorola, of course, produced the last Nexus handset, the Nexus 6, in the autumn of 2014, although it wasn’t too well received in some quarters, mainly due to its large phablet size and the price (which was jacked up considerably from the previous Nexus 5, that stayed close to the usual value territory).

Note that this flies against previous speculation that a radical change was to be made, and Huawei would be the next manufacturer of the Nexus 2015 – that was the gossip from analyst firm iSuppli.

As ever, this is all speculation at this point, but LG does seem a more likely candidate given past history, even though Huawei has clearly established itself as a major global smartphone force these days.