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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 adds PayPal Here to its armoury

If you do not have a Surface Pro 3, you have my sympathies. Microsoft's Swiss Army Knife-like computer can be a desktop, laptop or tablet, making it an extraordinary value.

Not only is it a great choice for home users, but business users too. In other words, the svelte tablet hybrid is good for both fun and work.

Back in January, we reported that Surface Pro 3 would eventually be learning a new skill - being a point of sale with the help of PayPal Here. Well, the future is now, as you can buy the Surface Pro 3 and PayPal Here dongle in a special combo package from the Microsoft Store. Will your business jump on the Surface train?

"As part of Microsoft stores' commitment to providing outstanding choice, value and service for small businesses, starting today, US-based small business retailers will be able to purchase the complete POS solution including Surface, the PayPal Here mobile card reader - download the PayPal Here app for free - and specific point of sale hardware accessories at full line Microsoft stores.

"This not only allows customers to see and experience the full PayPal Here for Surface POS solution set-up before they buy, but also gives them an easy go-to support resource for once they implement PayPal Here and Surface in their own businesses", says Angela Lean, Senior Manager, Microsoft Surface.


Lean further explains, "the PayPal Here app is also now available to customers in the United States through the Windows Store. And, from now until June 15, pay just 1.9 per cent per swipe on eligible U.S. swipe transactions, instead of the regular 2.7 per cent.

"The more you sell, the more you'll save. Microsoft store has all the details on this limited time offer. There’s never been a better or easier time for business owners to start accepting in-person credit card and debit card payments from their customers, anytime, anywhere".

It is particularly impressive that Microsoft is choosing to focus on the entire experience. A business owner can walk into a Microsoft Store and walk out with not only the hardware, but an education on how to use it. This is very important, as many business people are not tech-savvy. Microsoft's hand-holding may quell their fears.


Worried about having the portable point of sale stolen? Fear not. Microsoft is including a lock and stand as a part of the bundle. If you already own a Surface Pro 3, the dongle, lock and stand can be had for a reasonable $164, while the full package starts at $963. You can buy the bundle here.

If you already have a Windows tablet other than the Surface, the PayPal Here dongle may work with it too. You can buy the dongle on its own, for a paltry $15. You then must download the app here.

Will your small business embrace this solution? Tell me in the comments.