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Do I really need Windows 10? I'm not so sure

To be clear, right from the start, I write this from a Chromebook. It's my production system, though it has its limitations.

Certain tasks send me scurrying to my home office in a frantic search for a Windows PC. Microsoft's operating system certainly still has its raison d'être - both Photoshop and Plex server are among those in my household, though other minor needs exist.

Windows 10 is the belle of the ball right now with the tech press falling all over itself to run stories about the latest build, even non-stories are apparently in fashion, just as long as you can work the proper keywords into the headline. But the question remains, who needs it?

There are multiple answers to that. Business? Unlikely. Those will be pushed and shoved to move off of Windows 7 or (god forbid) Windows XP.

But my query to myself and to you, the reader, is - do I need Windows 10? I've thus far resisted installing it, though many I know have rushed to each build. I understand - we need to know what's there and what to alert the general public about.

Microsoft seems to have made a conscious attempt to distance itself from version 8.x by skipping a number. It's a nice try, but we all know the truth. Many thought version 8 was crap. Many didn't understand it. I get that, it wasn't user-friendly.

Life moves on and you need to adapt. Windows 8.x works fine when you learn the ropes, but Microsoft would prefer you move yet again, this time to Windows 10 - that bright and shiny new operating system the company is using to make you forget the past. It has a Start menu (albeit a bit different) and everything. What more could you possibly want?

Here's the thing - Windows 8.1 works just fine for me. Granted I don't use it much, but when I need to then I have no problems. I know where things are and I know how to access what I need. Yes, it's a learning curve, but it isn't as steep as people make it out to be.

This all circles back to my real question. Do I need Windows 10? Microsoft wants me to think so - the company is rushing new builds out the door, even working on a new browser for its latest flagship OS.

But me? I'm not sold. Will I upgrade? Maybe. I likely should have it for my job, but do I need it in day-to-day life? No, I don't think I do. I can work with version 8.1, it's fine until something requires my migration to another platform.

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