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Sony's PlayStation 4 console arrives in China

The hugely popular Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console has finally arrived to China, but the Chinese still have very little reason to rejoice.

There are a total of six games which can, at this moment be played in China, and those are Knack, Dynasty Warriors 8, Trials Fusion, Rayman Legends, King of WuShu and Mr. Pumpkin's Adventure.

Yep. No GTA, no Final Fantasy, and most importantly – no FIFA. Well, maybe the Chinese are not so crazy about football, but it’s still an issue.

Sony said it hopes to quickly expand its game library in China. A spokesperson said the company was working to produce Chinese language versions and secure approval from authorities, CNN reports.

However, getting approval for the games and passing strict censorship rules will be a hard task. China holds a firm grip on the gaming console industry, and has only recently lifted its 14-year-old ban on game consoles back in January 2014.

The now lifted ban, which was imposed in 2000 over fears of violent content and the potential for moral decay, is a huge opportunity for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to expand their gaming market.

Microsoft was the fastest to react, offering the Xbox One console to the Chinese market back in September.

The ban didn't stop the black market from offering the console though, so pirated versions of the PlayStation 4 were widely available at electronics markets in China, and lax enforcement allowed them to be sold in the open.

Controversial game titles could also be purchased.