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Google's smartphone finder comes to Android Wear

Android Device Manger is Google's approach to helping people track down lost smartphones and tablets.

Now the feature is rolling out to Android Wear so if you should lose your phone, you can find it with your watch.

At the moment the Android Wear version of the feature is pretty basic; you can use your watch to call your phone. This is great if you have mislaid it nearby, dropped it down the back of the sofa or buried it under some books, but not so helpful if you've left it on the train -- don’t expect to be able to home in on your phone using GPS at this stage.

If you're a fan of voice activation, all you need to do is speak the words "Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone" into your wrist. Should you prefer to go down the touch route, just select the "Find my phone" option from the Start menu.

Google says that Android Device Manager has already helped more than 30 million people find their lost devices, and the spread of the feature to Android Wear will see this number continue to rise.

As this is something that is automatically rolling out to all Android Wear devices, you don’t need to do anything other than sit back and wait for it to arrive on your wrist.