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QPR finally gets a win, signs BT as new partner

With their last victory away against Sunderland, another team threatened by relegation and only 4 points out of a possible thirty in their last ten games, QPR is perhaps looking forward to life in the championship.

This announcement is more than just a one way business deal but also sees BT placing prominent advertising on the headrests of the dugout and on the large digital screen at Loftus Road.

QPR will be gaining BT One Phone as their core communications tool across their multiple sites including the Harlington training ground and Loftus road Stadium. The deal includes the network connectivity using BT Converge platform and internet access from BTNet. This is not only for the staff and players, but also for fans as BT are providing the backhaul from the stadium for the Wi-Fi solution.

BT One Phone enables staff to have a single telephone number or extension and can be reached anywhere, regardless of whether they are at their desk or on their mobile phone. The service utilises the EE mobile network.

The solution not only takes advantage of the mobile network but also more than five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. Thus even for away games QPR staff may be able to take calls on their internal phones! The deal also extend to data and QPR players and staff will be able to improve their Fifa skills from any location.

The length of the deal wasn’t disclosed but BT will be hoping no doubt that if they are relegated that QPR bounce back into the premiership immediately as the deal is over several years.

Tony Fernandes, QPR chairman, was happy to comment on the deal and said: “I am delighted we’ve reached agreement with BT for this exciting, innovative partnership. I am all for the club embracing new technology and BT are certainly the front-runners in this field….

“Our media department have a number of exciting digital plans over the coming years, so to be working closely with BT – with the ability to tap into their technology expertise – will without doubt enhance our communications proposition across the club.”

This last statement is interesting and as is how QPR intend to leverage the BT solution over the next few months.

If QPR are relegated the sponsorship element will be slightly tarnished by that fact, but one should not underestimate the technical and business benefits that BT are offering QPR with this arrangement. The question will be whether any money has changed hands, if not it is a great deal for QPR as they gain up to date technology that is both future proofed and cost effective. Even if relegated, BT will be opening be gaining advertising space in the Championship as QPR will be one of the bigger teams there. This appears to be a win/win business deal for both parties

Graham Sutherland, CEO, BT Business commented on the announcement by saying “This is an exciting and high profile partnership for BT Business. The choice of a communications partner was a critical decision for QPR because technology plays such an integral role in everything they do off the pitch.

“QPR required a robust, capable and reliable network from a partner they trust who can guarantee the club remains connected as a business at all times. Innovative communications technology, such as BT One Phone, will transform the way the club communicates as a business.

“BT One Phone will give greater versatility and flexibility to all Club employees covering ticketing, administration and team management. The Club and team will be able to remain connected whether they’re on pre-season tour, at the training ground and especially at crucial times of the season such as transfer deadline day.”