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Automotive giants on board with Android Auto

This week Google announced its move into the car industry with Android Auto (opens in new tab). The company describes it as "designed with safety in mind." The interface aims to be simple, controls will be present right on the steering wheel, everything can be launched by voice and Google Maps will guide the way.

A number of automobile makers are on board, including Ford, Subaru, Chrysler and many more. Now it's up to app makers to round things out and TuneIn Radio is among the early adopters racing to the platform.

The company is announcing full support of this new platform. "TuneIn Radio is one of only a handful of apps available with Android Auto at launch and will play in any Android Auto equipped car," the company claims.

Of course this doesn't come without expense - after all you need to buy the car. You'll also need an Android Phone running version 5.0 or newer of the operating system. TuneIn's Boone Spooner points out "TuneIn has partnered with Google to integrate on the Android Auto platform, as this will enable TuneIn users to easily listen to their favourite radio stations and shows seamlessly in Android Auto compatible cars."

Android Auto is not available quite yet, though Google promises it's coming soon. That means you still have a bit of time to save your money up.