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DVLA to say goodbye to paper driving licenses later this year

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has announced it will be moving half of the two-part driving license online on 8 June, removing the need for drivers to carry the paper section of the license.

It has been a constant pain for many drivers to remember the paper section of their driving license, which needs to be carried in case the authorities want to check the driver’s details.

The paper section keeps all of the miscellaneous information not found on the photocard, including cars the driver is allowed to drive and penalty points/endorsements.

Considering the DVLA already files most of this information online, there is no need for the driver to carry around papers which can be searched online. It will mean users need to input any updated information online, something tech illiterate drivers might find troubling.

The DVLA has warned that users moving to the online system might receive emails from fraudsters, trying to get access to credit card details by posing as the DVLA and asking for driving license information.

The photocard will remain a relevant part of every trip in the car, meaning there is still something to carry around in a wallet. Those wanting a fully online system will be disappointed, especially since information displayed on the photocard could go onto a smartphone app.

The UK government is starting push more services onto the internet this year and just last week, Chancellor George Osborne announced a new self-assessment system will be available online, allowing self-employed workers to input all income monthly.

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