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Facebook testing new app called 'Phone'

Facebook is testing a new phone dialler app called ‘Phone’, according to several users seeing the pop-up on the device downloads page.

Although Facebook has not announced any new phone dialler, it seems the social network is testing the new app on a small percentage of users, to get a feel for user demand.

The dialler will offer caller ID and Facebook friend integration, alongside allowing users to blacklist common cold callers. Facebook may utilise a database to build up information on cold callers, to make sure less people are affected by these numbers worldwide.

It is a smart move to stop cold callers from using the same number and getting away with it. Facebook might also be able to work with authorities to put down cold callers, by tracking the number to an address and shutting the business down.

Still, this is hypothetical, considering Facebook has not announced any new dialler app coming to Android. The F8 Developer Conference is coming soon, meaning if there is any time to announce a new app, it would be at the event.

Facebook is also preparing to open up Messenger to third-party app developers at its F8 conference. It already has 20 apps lined up to sit on top of the messaging service, which will act as its own platform similar to Facebook for third-party games.

The conference will be held in San Francisco and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will lead most of the keynotes on new products. Zuckerberg wants to have more developer interest in Facebook, by opening up some of its technologies to app developers.

App developers already make quite a lot of money from Facebook adverts, share game revenue and other ventures, but opening up its own standalone services in a new move to win over developers.

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