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Galaxy S6 owners will be able to remove most bloatware apps

Samsung has launched a much slimmer version of TouchWiz this year, removing a lot of the bloatware the South Korean manufacturer used to ship with the Galaxy S flagship.

On the Galaxy S6, Samsung features only two of its own apps, all of Google’s mandatory apps and three Microsoft apps as part of a deal with the software giant. All of these apps will be removable, if the user does not want them.

Samsung has already made most of its apps downloadable instead of pre-loaded. S Voice and S Health are both pre-installed and Samsung Pay will no doubt be pre-installed in a later patch, once Samsung finalises the payments service.

Gmail, Google+, Google, Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Play Games, and Drive are all pre-installed on the Galaxy S6. This is part of the deal Android manufacturers must make to have the Google Play store pre-installed on the system.

Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive and Skype are pre-loaded on the Galaxy S6. Samsung has not made the deal with Microsoft public, but it is suspected to do with the settlement for Microsoft’s Android patents, potentially costing up to $1 billion (£670 million) per year.

Samsung has updated TouchWiz to feature less quirky animations this year, sticking with Google’s own Android Lollipop animations. This should drop the size of the TouchWiz pre-install down a few gigs, giving users more room for personal storage.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available in the UK on April 10 for £649 or £799 for 32GB. The smartphone will also come with 64GB or 128GB options for £100 extra.

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