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Smartphones are bad for your kids, says psychotherapist

We have often heard stories about smartphones and other modern technology hurting us in some way, but as adults, we’re responsible for ourselves and have no one to blame if we get hooked on 4Chan too much.

We have also often heard debates whether or not children should be allowed, and in what measure, to use computers and smartphones to access the Internet with(out) supervision, and according to Julie Lynn Evans, the effects are mostly negative.

Julie Lynn Evans, who has been working as a child psychotherapist for 25 years, says there’s a noticeable trend in children’s issues which can be related to modern technology.

Official figures in the UK have shown that emergency admissions to child psychiatric wards have doubled in the past four years, and that the number of young adults hospitalised for self-harm has been up by 70 per cent in a decade, Ubergizmo writes.

Evans says, “Something is clearly happening because I am seeing the evidence in the numbers of depressive, anorexic, cutting children who come to see me. And it always has something to do with the computer, the Internet and the smartphone.”

The problems children are facing cannot be solely attributed to technology, but it does play its part.

“So there are difficult chat rooms, self-harming websites, anorexia websites, pornography, and a whole invisible world of dark places. In real life, we travel with our children. When they are connected via their smartphone to the web, they usually travel alone.”

She encourages parents to spend more time with their children, and also to spend less time looking at bright little screens themselves.