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Vector Watch boasts battery life of a month

Apple has been famously working hard to get the battery on its smartwatch to offer the most longevity possible, but plenty of other smartwatches are now popping up, some of them offering lastability that the Apple Watch couldn’t hold a gold-plated candle to.

And one of those is the new Vector Watch, launched over at Baselworld in Switzerland,
spotted by Engadget. This piece of smart wrist-wear offers a full month’s worth of battery life (well, 30 days anyway), which is exactly the sort of thing many folks are after – not wanting to be charging both their phone and watch every day (or close to it).

The motto here is “less gadget, more style”, and indeed the Vector Watch does look like a classy luxury device. There are two flavours, the Vector Luna model being the first, which has a round watch face, with a solid stainless steel case that’s water resistant to 50 metres. The Vector Meridian is the same, except has a rectangular case – and you can choose between a stainless steel wrist-band, a lined leather strap, or silicon strap.

The display is always on, constantly showing the time and pertinent info, and it offers that 30 day battery life even when subject to “high intense usage”, the maker claims.

The smartwatch pops messages and notifications up on screen, which you can dismiss with a flick of your wrist. The device can tell your location – at work, home, or running – and intelligently present the data you need based on that, plus it takes care of all the usual fitness duties recording stats on, for example, distance run, calories burned, steps taken, and sleep monitoring too.

There’s the usual stuff such as multiple time zone functionality and multiple alarms, with third-party apps for the device including Nest and IFTT.

The Vector Watch has its own OS, apparently built from scratch, but it will apparently be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Three models are on pre-order now, ahead of a release later this summer – the Luna starts at £299, and the Meridian is cheaper at £169.

Darren Allan

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