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Amazon Fire TV Stick launched in the UK

Amazon is now selling its Fire TV Stick in the UK.

The mini media streamer is the compact version of its bigger Fire TV box, launching at a cheaper price point to compete with the likes of Google’s Chromecast.

Whereas Fire TV is £79, the small Fire TV Stick – essentially an HDMI dongle – costs £35 in comparison to Chromecast which is still slightly cheaper at £30.

Mind you, Amazon does have some offers with the Fire TV Stick – Prime members can get it for just £19, and those willing to sign up to Prime can have the device for £7 (you can get it for £19 signing up for the Prime trial, and then get a further £12 back when you sign up for your full Prime subscription – of course that runs to £79 per year).

You can pre-order the device from Amazon now, and it is set to ship on April 15.

Amazon has put a dual-core processor in the dongle, double the memory of the Chromecast (1GB) and four times the storage (8GB), offering 1080p streaming with Dolby Digital Plus sound.

The Fire TV Stick also features ‘ASAP’, an intelligent system which learns the shows and movies you’re likely to want to watch, and buffers them before you actually start playback to avoid any potential streaming stutters.

Plenty of big name services are on board, including Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, and of course Amazon Instant Video. The streaming stick also allows for gaming including the likes of Flappy Birds.

As well as the Chromecast, Amazon’s other rival is the Roku stick, although that’s pricier at £50 – check out our Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast article to find out more about the relative merits of these two.