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Are there enough Apple Watches? Stock shortages likely

The Apple Watch may face stock shortages when it launches on April 24, according to the latest buzz from the grapevine.

Not that this should surprise anyone – Apple devices generally face stock issues, or at least some of a particular new product’s line-up invariably do.

So the latest on the Apple Watch, according to a source familiar with Apple’s logistics who spoke to Apple Insider, is that all the new tech which is in the smartwatch (such as the OLED display, which is a first for Cupertino) has caused production problems at every stage of development – and as a result, we’re likely to see stock shortages of the fancy timepiece.

Though we’re betting there aren’t any stock problems for the £8,000 plus Watch Edition (unless they really have hit serious production issues!).

That inside source also noted that Apple is aware of potential stock issues, though – and probably not too concerned if there is a massive clamour for the device anyway. In fact, as a completely fresh launch and not just another iteration of a gadget, it may be highly important for Cupertino’s smartwatch to be seen as hotly in demand.

Indeed, in the past Apple has been accused of deliberately constraining supply to build up a picture of demand and hype, but that’s an argument for another day…

Last month, we heard that Apple had ordered between five to six million units of the three versions of the Apple Watch for launch time from Asian suppliers – whether that target has been missed, and by how much, isn’t clear of course.