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Cross-device syncing enabled for iPlayer with BBC iD app

BBC iPlayer users can now set up their own personal account, enabling them to sync content across different platforms.

Users can register a BBC iD and access their favourites and viewing history on iOS and Android, as well as the BBC iPlayer website.

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Head of BBC iPlayer Dan Taylor-Watt announced the news on Twitter earlier today.

“Sign-in added to BBCiPlayer Android and iOS apps today enabling you to sync your favourites between the iPlayer website and mobile apps.”

Currently, there is no news as to whether the feature will be extended to the service’s TV apps, but the broadcaster did confirm that users will not be required to register, as iPlayer will continue to be accessible without a BBC iD.

The iPlayer addition is not the only new feature being added to the BBC’s digital services this week, as the company is also launching its “responsive” website. Instead of having separate sites for desktop and mobile platforms, the new design will adapt to fit whichever size device is being used to view it.

The BBC’s head of product for News and Weather sites Robin Pembrooke explained that the new website reflects the transition towards using mobiles to consume content.

"We now see 65 per cent of our visitors to the website are on mobile or tablet devices," he said. "The old site that we had, which is now four-plus years old, was really designed with PCs in mind. Moving to a fully responsive solution which works across mobile, tablets and desktops is the way to go. It means that we can have one solution that is a web solution for all of our users."

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The BBC was happy to share the user response to the new website, which it has to be said was a mixed-bag. While some were quick to praise the design, one commenter on the BBC Internet Blog called it "an unmitigated disaster."

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