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M2M communications help councils reduce energy bills

It was just a matter of time before someone figured out how to monetise Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, and it seems as though that path has been paved.

Today, Blue Yonder and Capgemini have announced the launch of their new M2M/IoT platform, seeking to turn M2M data into profit. Or savings.

Recently Blue Yonder and Capgemini demonstrated the benefits of connected services in a pilot project involving LED streetlights. Towns and local councils can now reduce the total cost of powering street lights resulting in significant cost savings, not only through reducing the total energy consumption, but also lowering the cost of maintenance which reduces the amount of total resources required.

The lights are equipped with sensors to measure vibrations, bulb temperature as well as total light given off by the lamp, and these sensors transmit data which is then analysed by Blue Yonder’s predictive application.

The app predicts the probability of default by each individual streetlight, which in the end helps take preventative measures.

By incorporating Predictive Applications that run on Blue Yonder’s platform with CRM software, a wide variety of end-devices that require services such as maintenance, customer support, and field services can be intelligently linked.

"Connected services will change the relationship between manufacturers and their customers, because all possible channels can be used to create a unique proactive service experience. Using reliable forecasts, the areas of sales, maintenance, and customer service can be considerably optimised as well as adapted to individual customer requirements. Additional uses of this service include connected cars, connected manufacturing and fleet management," says Professor Dr. Michael Capone, Principal Business Analyst at Capgemini.

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