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NetClean and G-Cloud join the fight against child sex abuse

An intelligence solutions provider has added its services to G-Cloud (opens in new tab) claiming it can help the public sector fight against the “national threat” of child sex abuse.

NetClean (opens in new tab) has added its ProActive (opens in new tab) software to the procurement because it can help organisations to procure tools to secure their networks, computers and other devices against child sex abuse (CSA) material, helping to identify and stop abusers.

The announcement comes as the government launches new proposals for tackling what it calls the “national threat” of CSA.

NetClean is already working alongside Whitehall to implement the nationwide Child Abuse Image Database (CAID (opens in new tab)) and roll out digital forensic investigative tools to 46 law enforcement and Police agencies across the country.

ProActive has the ability to alert public sector organisations when known images or videos of CSA are stored or accessed via work computers or sent and downloaded via the organisation’s network.

The product is reportedly able to use unique algorithms and image hashing technology to identify and block the content rather than just URLs or filenames.

The image recognition technology is linked to a database of image “fingerprints” provided by national and international law enforcement agencies to ensure that every alert is an actual instance of CSA.

Saving Future Victims

“Those who collect, view and distribute CSA material pose a significant risk to children. CSA material is like an addiction – collecting and using these kinds of image and videos is often a gateway,” claimed NetClean CEO Christian Berg.

“As individuals using this illegal content seek more material, the next stage is participating in actual abuse. By finding this illegal content and bringing it to the attention of the authorities, we can help save current and future victims,” Berg added.