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Are you affected by the new Twitch data breach?

Twitch users be warned – it seems the streaming service, which allows gamers to show off their chops to viewers, has seemingly been the victim of a breach.

On the Twitch blog, staff wrote that there “may have been unauthorised access” to the account details of some users.

And it’s a serious enough affair for Twitch to have taken the decision to disconnect all accounts from Twitter and YouTube, and expired all existing passwords and stream keys. In other words, the next time you login to your Twitch account, you’ll automatically be made to create a new password.

As usual, if you take part in the bad practice of reusing the same password at different sites or services, Twitch also recommended that you change the password for those websites too.

The post noted: “We will communicate directly with affected users with additional details.”

There must have been some complaints coming in about the new password rules Twitch enacted, as the service also added a note to the effect: “We’ve heard your concerns about overly-restrictive password requirements, and have reduced them to an 8 character minimum. Best practices regarding password security remain true.”

Twitch was bought up by Amazon last August for a cool billion (stealing it away from a potential purchase by Google).