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Why do Hackers target gaming sites?

Following the news that Amazon Twitch has been hacked, security specialist Mark James explains why gaming sites are still a target and why it makes no sense for Twitch to shorten the requirement for password length.

"In a time when security should be more important than convenience it makes no sense to shorten the requirement for password length.

"It’s a difficult line between keeping their customers happy and making their data safe but I am sure if we look at the stats the actual amount of people that complained was only a small percentage of the total amount of user-base.

"We should understand by now that longer passwords are a necessity and not a problem if we want to protect our identities and hard earned cash.

“Gaming sites have always been a lucrative target. Not only do they represent gamers that may use the same login and passwords as similar sites but they also enable the possibility of other electronic goods to be stolen and sold elsewhere, in game items, in game gold.

"There’s no perfect advice for when your details are stolen but changing your password is certainly one of the best. The very best is to strengthen the importance of having unique passwords for each and every login you have - that way if your password is found it’s useless on another site.

“The fact that Twitch have expired passwords and unlinked accounts to other platforms is a great step in protecting your private information. Remember passwords need to be memorable, where possible use a phrase or a set of words you will remember, at least one capital letter (remembering it does not have to be at the start), some numbers and at least one other non standard character.

"Remember just because you have what seems like an easily guessed pattern does not mean that a computer can guess it - brute forced password attacks match passwords they do not guess them."