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Apple Watch was extensively tested in Cupertino’s secret fitness lab

We’ve heard a lot about how Apple went to great lengths to eke out more battery life with its imminent smartwatch, but of course that’s not the only facet of the device which was worked hard upon.

Indeed, Apple has carried out a great deal of fitness testing according to a report which was recently aired on ABC news over in the States (spotted by Macworld).

ABC got a look at Apple’s “secret” 23,000 square foot health and fitness lab, where exec Jay Blahnik told them that Cupertino had gathered a large amount of fitness data, using volunteers (Apple employees) to test the watches in various different environments via climate chambers, carrying out different exercise activities (from yoga through to rowing and running).

Blahnik said: “We have collected over 18,000 hours of health and fitness data, based on over 10,000 workout sessions on our Apple employees, ranging from software engineers, managers and developers, have participated in over the past two years.”

He added that this slab of research was likely “one of the world’s largest pieces of data on fitness”.

The device has also been tested outdoors, of course, with activities such as real-world cycling, and all of this data has helped to craft the fitness side of the Apple Watch.

Yes, this is more grist for the hype mill, but nonetheless it’s still an impressive amount of testing on the health side, which is where Apple hopes to push the watch strongly.

The Apple Watch is due out next month, April 24, although there’s already talk of whether there will be stock shortages at launch due to production problems Cupertino has encountered when it comes to making a new device.

Darren Allan

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