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New domain names could hurt your business

Taylor Swift is not taking any chances online, and other celebrities, as well as businesses should follow her lead, web hosting company advises.

Brands' and celebrities' worst nightmares could be about to become a reality this June when hundreds of questionable web domain names go up for grabs.

.sucks, .porn and .adult are just some of the TDLs that will become available, and experts are now advising businesses to purchase uncomplimentary names, before it's too late.

Web hosting company has predicted that some of the world's biggest brands could be subject to torrents of abuse from online trolls purchasing unfavourable domain names with the sole aim of tormenting brands and celebrities.

Taylor Swift has already registered and, while Microsoft has reserved and

34SP predicts that thousands more registries will be made ahead of the 1 June deadline, when generic domain names are expanded to include more variations.

Daniel Foster, co-founder and technical director of said: "Businesses should do everything in their power to avoid being associated with negative messages – and it's hard to imagine domain names like .sucks and .porn will foster positivity.

“Clearly some big brands are already taking this seriously by registering controversial names while we are still in a mandated period. However, after 1 June it becomes a free for all, so I'd advise all businesses with even a slight worry about how this could affect their business to swoop up the domains sooner rather than later.

"While some might use domains for good causes, by creating sites such as for example, I'd predict that many will be swooping up the new names solely for defamatory purposes."